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PLASTICIAN (Chris Reed) is a name synonymous with groundbreaking and forward thinking electronic music. Parallel to being the founder/boss of one of the most exciting contemporary electronic music labels - Terrorhythm Recordings, and playing a weekly prime time radio show on RinseFM for some 11 years now, he's unique in the sense that he is the only artist who is recognized as a true pioneer of both Grime and Dubstep genres from their humble beginnings. In 2006 he spent 18 months as part of BBC Radio 1’s “The Residency”, which then became “In New DJ’s We Trust”, continuing his Rinse FM show under an alias “Blue Stripe” during that period. Besides his work as a DJ he's a respected producer, working with names like Wiley, Snoop Dogg, M.I.A., JME, Skepta and others. Never one to be put in a box, PLASTICIAN specializes in finding music that joins the dots between all that is exciting in bass music across the board!


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DEON CUSTOM is a 23 year old dutch music producer and DJ born and raised in the city of Dordrecht, where most people know him by his real name Deon van Ooijen. Where most producers would typically build up their name, game & fame slowly, Deon came out of nowhere and hit the electronic beat music scene hard with his astounding full-length debut record "Ametrine LP" consisting of ten unique tracks released through Amsterdam based Basserk Recordings fuelled with inspiration drawn from an array of things like video games, surrealism and even the exciting bits of humanity’s very own nightlife. Not too long after that on June 9th of 2014 the release of his EP named ‘Bliss’ saw the it's daylight through Platician’s UK based Terrorhythm Recordings and accelerated everything - from worldwide bookings and multiple planned tours this young man has become one of Netherlands' hottest best kept musical secret weapons!


NIKLĀVZ (Niklāvs Sekačs) has established himself as a beatmaker that could easily be confused with those hailing from the L.A. beat scene. Known for his future wave, trap and juke productions, his work shows similarities with the likes of Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, etc. His debut solo EP ”Slazds” (2012) was released through DirtyDealAudio, which launched a career even before he could legally get past the bouncers at clubs. Whether it's making crowds jump at Positivus’ RBMA stage, warming up for Araabmuzik’s Baltic tour, playing Primavera Sound Festival in Spain, winning beat battles at Satta Outside Festival, hosting a weekly radio show on & Riga24 or participating in Baltic Trail Electronic Music Gathering, which aside from releasing a compilation also lead to the release of a bass-drenched collab EP with Justicious... one thing's for sure - this kid is a solid music force to be reckoned with!


It's impossible to tell the story of Latvian electronic music scene without coming across either of these names. DJBRAIN & CLICHÉ are considered to be both one of the freshest and undeniably strongest and most experienced latvian electronic music duos to date. In order to describe their current musical direction and style, they like to use the term 'ghetto electronica', which represents a recently formed widely recognized hip-hop driven sound fusing various aspects of genres like idm, glitch-hop, r&b, nu-rave, wonky, etc. Whether you hear them blasting the system at one of their energetic party gigs or hosting their bi-weekly radio show & the inspiration for this event - BIO.RITMI EXCLU$IVE, one thing's clear - you're guaranteed an exciting journey into a hyper glitched up futuristic world influenced by everything from street to computer chip to the hood and back to the club... and you'll be asking for more... and more!


ORIOLE & ANSIS are one of the pioneers of the DirtyDealAudio collective. They are beat-makers, producers, rappers, sound engineers, beat-battle champions and podcasters. ORIOLE’s music can entrance even those, who hear his music for the first time while ANSIS keeps his feet firmly on the concrete foundations of hip-hop, refining it with neck-breaking beats, dirty Soviet samples and psychedelically emotional melodies. 2013 saw the release of their joint-effort collaborative local hip-hop masterpiece "HIMNAS", which is just one of the titles in a long list of many great production credits that these two have masterfully executed during their careers of more than 10 years now. Both are well respected figures in the Latvian hip-hop scene and their live performances are literally oozing genuine enjoyment and team spirit enthusiasm which fills the countless venues they performed in with all sorts of strong positive energy!


KODEK is perhaps the most progressive representative of the Latvian underground electronic music scene. Creating sounds in atypical genres, he operates with current actualities, usually surprising bystanders with his over-modern attitude towards accepted standards. His shows usually challenge listeners to think outside of what's considered ‘normal’ and go far beyond the conventional esthetic. KODEK has been a regular player on latvian stage rocking out dance floors from trendy nightclubs to underground heavy metal events since 2005. Oh and he used to be a "creative electronics" teacher in his city school teaching kids the art of transforming old useless electronic devices into musical and noise instruments, won best electronic music album at the 2013 Latvian Music Awards for his album “Flavours from the Future” and is also working as team rider for modular synth manufacturer “Erica Synths” - he's keeping it busy, yo!


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This kid seems to be on a path to great things which will for sure keep him as busy as ever. So busy in fact he hasn't had time to write up his bio yet, so instead we felt like sharing what we've learned about LESSFUCC a.k.a. Alberts Jansons simply by following him on social media or hearing about this new-kid-on-the-block literally everywhere lately. So - apart from having self-released two fairly extensive full length albums "Cubensis" and "Invasion 04​/​2015" and producing Alexx Dynamo's "Apollons" record, which has become one of the most discussed hot-topic local hip-hop albums of 2015, he's got all the raw talent, unique vision, comprehensive musical vocabulary and, as suggested on multiple occasions - the charisma, adequate looks and the right kind of attitude to establish himself as a local and hopefully an international contemporary urban electronic music trendsetting production powerhouse! Get excited!


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We feel that the best way to describe these guys would be to tell you how we remember them from just a few years ago - we remember them as a bunch of music-obsessed kids always respectfully camping out in the back stages and service rooms of various events and party venues constantly exchanging opinions, ideas and info on new sounds that we've never even heard of ourselves or had any idea existed at all for that matter. Soon enough we started noticing the names of SEAL PUP, MINCIISHA IERAKSTI and ARMANT popping up all over event promos on social media, hearing their online promo mixes promoting their club-night BASSED and stellar quality original music bits featured in various guerilla graffiti YouTube videos and local electronic music compilations and what not. So... no idea what BALL is or what they're up to now, but we're beyond thrilled and sure can't wait to find out what-the-f**k's up!


Despite her genuine modesty we feel that the Latvian dubstep scene would in fact look entirely different without it's queen from the kingdom of 'Dabsolis' - her loveliness JURITAH. She's an open-minded lady with an extensively excellent taste in music and mixing skills that would give all the boys a run for their money. Do we need to say more?


No matter what challenges the Latvian electronic music event culture may present, for the past few years one busy kid has been and is perhaps one of the hardest working local promoters and DJs at the moment - party people know him by the name of SLOVAR. If you haven't heard him spin or been to one of his Urban.Soulz series events, then... well... you should!

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